At a high-profile launch in Istanbul this week, Mr Mike King, First Secretary, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Investment for the Eastern Europe and Central region from the British Embassy in Istanbul, opened the first Direct English training school in Turkey, as part of a new UK-Turkey English language training partnership.

Marife Egtim Ogretim Hizmetleri Limited, an education company already established in both Turkey and Iraq, has just launched Direct English in Istanbul this week, before developing a nationwide presence for adults to learn English across Turkey.

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Speaking at the event, Mr King highlighted the increasingly important role that English language training now plays in Turkey.

“I welcome this new and exclusive partnership between Linguaphone Group and Marife Egitim Ogretim Hizmetleri Limited who are launching Direct English in Istanbul today.

The United Kingdom is recognised as housing some of the best education providers in the world. A UK education is recognised globally; 160 countries use our international qualifications. Of current world leaders, 55 were educated in the UK, while 38% of Nobel Prize winners studied here. The language of Shakespeare is also the international language of business and the most widely-used second language in the world. It’s hardly surprising then, that it remains one of our most successful exports.
There are many long-established UK providers active globally with a deep knowledge and understanding of local markets, who understand the risks, issues and barriers to success; teaching methodologies and courses that have adapted over time to best suit the needs of learners. The UK Government is keen to support such initiatives that will see the development of English education, led by companies such as Direct English.”

Mr Alan Mellaart, Vice Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey who also attended the event, along with representatives from the Ministry of Education, also voiced their support for Direct English entering the Turkish market and wished them great success in the years ahead.

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Welcoming guests to the launch, Mr Baraa Edrees, Direct English Master Licensee for Turkey said:

“Direct English is one of the leading global English teaching programs. We have gathered a very professional team that we are confident will help us make a success of this business and accomplish our goals. And this includes the invaluable support we’ve already received from the Direct English headquarters team in London.
“Our aspiration with Direct English is to offer a quality learning experience across Turkey to support young learners, university students, and business professionals with their English proficiency journey. Our aim is to be the best English language training school in Turkey with more branches planned across the country in the years ahead”.

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Speaking at the launch, Mr Mark Simpson, Business Development Manager at Direct English said: –

“We are delighted that adults across Turkey will now be able to enrol in our globally popular Direct English language training system from the UK, which already trains over 100,000 students worldwide.  Turkey is the 22nd country to join the Direct English global team and we are delighted to have such a strong Master Licensee on board to drive Direct English forward in such a critical market. 
Direct English Headquarters looks forward to supporting our new Direct English partner with their plans to grow this leading education brand across Turkey, not just in Istanbul, but Ankara, Izmir. 
“Further afield, the Direct English continues to see unprecedented global growth in our business, with new partners also opening in Thailand and Myanmar in the months ahead. And with our ongoing investment in updating content and embracing new technologies, we are confident that for teachers and learners alike, Direct English will continue to remain a world leader in the English Language Training business for many years to come”

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