Increasing opportunities for integrating online platforms into modern blended ELT systems, is not just advantageous, it’s essential in the world we live in. Here are just some of the reasons why!

1. Provides individual learning opportunities for all English language training students.

Digital technology engages students on so many levels. We know that many students can easily lack motivation to pay attention, whatever their age! Through apps and multi-media technology, students can discover their own way of learning that works for them. By offering learning tools and resources through multiple channels, students will be more encouraged to learn.

2. Offers easier access of information for ELT students

With busy lives, students and teachers alike can access online resources to support their learning at the touch of a button. Wherever and whenever they choose and all in the format that best suits them.

3. Voice recording and analysis tools

Many English Training programs have technology that allows learners to record their voice, allowing the teacher to review and analyse progress in their student’s oral proficiency.

4. Developing your English language proficiency through social media

Good quality English Language programs will focus on the importance of developing confidence in learning English.
Social media is an important digital communication tool for many students, for both professional and social purposes that they are very comfortable and confident in using. From sharing ideas with fellow students to joining forums, and arranging meet-ups with other students – all in the medium of the English language, so their exposure to the English language will increase. And crucially their confidence and proficiency in English will grow too.
By having the opportunity to interact using technology within their language program, they will intuitively develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening- all needed to develop proficiency and confidence in the English language.

online platform blended learning

5. ELT students will develop wider life-skills

In the modern world we live in, use of technology can develop a number of other skills that are essential for the future. From improving critical thinking, leadership skills and developing better communication skills, the possibilities are endless.
Students who are taught English using technology will also have the advantage of applying their new digital knowledge in different areas. Knowing how to use various online tools, will give them an advantage in the job market, and adds further skills to their portfolio
And there are many ways that teachers and other ELT practitioners benefit from integrating digital technology within English language programs.

6. Digital technologies can develop better

teacher–student relationships

Providing learning resources and tools online can also help teachers improve their own teaching delivery. It can also keep students engaged, enabling teachers to have more time to focus on those students who require more support.

7. Advantages of effective learning platforms

Increasingly, learning platforms are used to support student’s learning, and help manage the center network. Staff can easily track student’s progress through the help of learning platforms, and provide much support with classroom management. It makes it easier for teachers to keep track of their student’s achievements too and find out where improvement can be made, earlier in the process – not at the end of the course!

8. Offers new business opportunities for ELT providers

Developing a strong online component, to complement the traditional classroom ELT model, will open up new markets for companies targeting ELT students. This includes the young, and those who are time poor, but may have good financial resources to invest in their studies!


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