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Direct English language training program arrives in Iraq

COVID-19 may mean most of our Direct English training centers are currently closed, but that’s not stopping one of the Linguaphone Group’s newest Direct English partners forging ahead with their plans to launch the brand’s international English language training program in Iraq.

Tatweer Academy has recently been appointed the Group’s exclusive Direct English partner across Iraq. With over twelve years’ experience in the market, Tatweer already has offices in Basra, Baghdad and Erbil delivering training programs in IT, administration and engineering. Partnering with Direct English has now given them the opportunity to add a world-class English language training program to their portfolio, whilst capitalising on the growing demand for a quality English language training program across Iraq.

Tatweer Academy plans to develop a network of branded Direct English training centers across Iraq in the years ahead, as well as offering in-company training. Their first milestone is the upcoming launch of two brand new training centers. One is a large, modern flagship Direct English training center located in central Basra, and the second is based in the city of Al Diwaniyah.

Renovation is underway but has been delayed by the COVID-19 lockdown. Though they hope to have their official launches as soon as they can, they have used the unprecedented situation to launch online tuition through the new Direct English Live learning platform. Direct English Live is fully integrated into the Direct English language system, and delivered by qualified tutors. The platform also offers comprehensive learning and practice resources, as well as ongoing progress tests.

Direct English is a nine level language system that focuses on developing confidence and proficiency in the English language. Designed for use by beginners through to experienced learners, Direct English is already a market-leader across the Middle East where hundreds of thousands of students have already achieved success with Direct English.

For more enrolment, career or franchise queries about Direct English Iraq please visit the Tatweer Academy website, or email info@tatweeracademy.com. For franchise opportunities worldwide please email opportunities@directenglish.com 

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Statement from Linguaphone Group — 17 April 2020

For over 115 years, the Linguaphone Group has been there to help all of our customers worldwide learn a new language. Despite the challenges we all currently face, the Linguaphone Group and all our global Direct English and Pingu’s English partners continue to work tirelessly to deliver our world-leading English language programs to all of our students, whatever their age or proficiency.

I have genuinely been inspired by the dedication and innovation shown by our partners and their staff. I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to all of them, as well as our headquarters staff for their ongoing hard work and commitment.

I would also like to applaud the resilience and adaptability of the most important audience of all — our students. I’d like to express a heartfelt thank you to all of our current students and parents for their loyalty and understanding during these exceptional times.

Direct English

For our adult students, our online platform — Direct English Live — is now bringing our world-renowned Direct English language training system to their homes, including while our training centers are closed. Available for use on smartphones, laptops and desktops, our partners are offering Direct English Live through both group and private online classes. Direct English Live is also providing a host of other online resources and practice tools, to help those wanting to start learning English, as well as help support others develop a complete proficiency in the English language.

Pingu’s English

For our younger audiences, we are running Pingu’s English online classes in many countries. We are also supporting parents with free daily activities through Pingu’s English at Home.  Here, parents will find lots of inspiration to help their child continue learning while our schools and kindergartens are closed. This includes worksheets, recipes, songs and games — all designed to keep their children entertained at this difficult time.

For sure there will be challenges ahead. But let’s work together as a global education community — stay positive, and most importantly stay safe.

Derek Price, Chief Executive Officer, Linguaphone Group


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