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Direct English is a comprehensive system for teaching general conversational English combining the support of a dedicated teacher, comprehensive learning materials and confidence building conversation classes, as well as Direct English Live - our new online platform.

blended learning method

Introducing Direct English Live

Direct English is already a proven system that successfully trains over 100,000 English language learners globally every year.

Through Direct English Live – our new online learning platform,  students can immerse themselves in the English language. They can revise the stories and dialogues used in class whenever and wherever they want. Not only that, but students can then record themselves speaking in English and listen back to assess their pronunciation. This is an ideal way for students to practice listening and reading on their own accord in a confidence-building environment, and outside of the classroom.

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Learning Objectives

Our courses are designed to fit around students’ personal and professional commitments. Learners using the first five levels of Direct English courses will be able to use English for travel, to help upgrade their career, in work meetings, for job applications, in social and professional networking situations, but most of all to be able to SPEAK ENGLISH WITH CONFIDENCE.

Students choose between ‘Intensive’ and ‘Flexible’ course options, set personalised academic goals and gain confidence by learning English at a pace that suits them best.

We’ve developed a complete online solution to help you engage fully with your studies.

Many of our materials are accessible from our student learner portal – Direct English Online – enabling you to practice English whenever and wherever you want. At Direct English we understand that each student is different and has individual needs. We help students to identify their particular needs and devise a study plan that works for them. Language Learning demands time and commitment but with the flexibility of Direct English it can easily fit around a students’ busy life.


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Academic Approach

Our courses gradually layer knowledge to give students confidence in their spoken and written English language abilities.

Our courses are based on a cyclical syllabus, which helps students use English confidently by revising knowledge at each stage. If something doesn’t make sense straight away, then they can come back to it later on. Download the cyclical syllabus here (PDF).


We focus on four key skills


Teaching technique

Through regular assessments and interactive lessons, our teachers can identify any knowledge gaps and help you develop in these areas.
Our teachers take a positive approach to academia, focusing on encouragement, motivation, and individual guidance. Read here to learn more. Teaching is delivered through a combination of the following students’ skills objectives:

  • Learning – learning how to learn
  • Speaking – developing communication strategies
  • Grammar – rehearsing and reproducing correct grammar from real language examples
  • Revision – consolidation of knowledge through repetition of learned objective, on a fixed pattern
  • Self-Assessment – checking and monitoring progress


Learning Resources

We’ve developed a complete online portal to help you engage with your studies. Many of our materials are accessible from our student learner portal – Direct English Online – enabling you to practice English whenever and wherever you want.

Each level contains:

  • a Coursebook
  • a Companion Book (usually bilingual)
  • Access to Direct English Live!
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