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All Direct English students gain certificates from

us, upon completion of each level of study.

Many Direct English partners also work with testing providers offering IELTS, TOEFL and ETS tests etc so students can also receive an internationally recognised qualification upon successful completion of their studies.

We support all our partners who wish to work with testing providers to offer an independent and formal assessment to their students. This can further confirm their English Language abilities and highlight their academic achievement to prospective employers.

Direct English - a route map to success

Direct English provides all the skills that are needed to undertake an external English language skills test such as for TOEFL or TOIEC.


Benefits of certification

External tests may offer students a way to accurately assess and qualify your language skills. Not only can they provide a satisfying certificate of success, but could be useful when showing evidence of English skills to potential employers. They may even help prove readiness for promotion in your current job, where English skills are important!

Thousands of people around the world have taken an external test with our support. Combined with the highly effective training of Direct English, why not give yourself the recognition you deserve with the English language course that’s proven to work?



How do I find out more?

For any queries, please contact your local partner.



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