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Inspirational center design unique to your region

We provide our franchise partners with a comprehensive design framework, enabling you to enjoy the same high standards in all our worldwide centers.

We aim to create engaging, comprehensively facilitated spaces for students that combine both academic and professional design elements.


What does a Direct English training center look like?


Many of our training centers have opened in existing or purpose-built institutions.
However, our model is adaptable enough to fit almost any space, leading innovative partners to open centers in all kinds of spaces from recommissioned offices to shopping malls.

Color scheme

The color scheme in our training centers is blue and white with hints of green, orange and purple chromes. This combination adds an element of style, providing a calm yet corporate environment that can help students focus on their studies.


While each center is subtly different, most of our centers include the following spaces:

  • Classrooms
  • Workshop areas
  • Communal areas
  • Teachers’ offices
  • Assessment rooms
  • General facilities

If you want to find out what else makes Direct English unique, or sign up as a Master Franchise partner, contact our expert team.


Reception Area

Self Access Room

Workshop Area


Social Area

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