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Direct English. Learn English anytime, anywhere with Direct English Live. 

Using industry-leading technology and a highly respected curriculum, Direct English has already helped millions of students build their confidence; reach their goals, and master English proficiency in an increasingly competitive world.  Now through our brand new Direct English Live platform, our proven English language system is available for you to study online – on any device including smartphones, tablets and computer devices.

By following the unique, proven teaching methodology of Direct English, you can master the English language with us, whatever your level. Contact one of our local country partners today to take a free placement test and start your journey to success.


Learn English online with Direct English Live


directenglishliveDirect English is one of the most effective English language training systems in the world. It’s produced by Linguaphone Group – a world-leading language training company from the UK with over 115 years of experience supporting students like you.

Put simply, Direct English works because it fits around you. The course is tailored to your abilities and goals. You build your confidence from day one so you will reach your goals faster. Fully integrated into the acclaimed Direct English language system, Direct English Live is already being delivered through many partners through both group and private online classes.T he platform also offers comprehensive learning and practice resources to help you develop proficiency in the English language with confidence. Progress tests are also featured throughout the course, allowing an accurate measurement of the skills that you have achieved.


Why choose Direct English Live?

  • Interactive English practice and review

    Direct English will help you practice speaking, listening, and reading through interactive lessons and regular assessments. A powerful practice tool is included so you can record and playback your activities. This confidence-building tool will help you develop intonation and pronunciation skills with confidence..
  • Flexible options to suit you

    Direct English Live offers the opportunity to learn through self-study as well as live video classes. These are offered in both one-to-one and group formats, led by highly qualified Direct English tutors.
  • Regular progress tests

    These are featured throughout the Direct English system to allow a robust measurement of the skills that have been achieved.
  • Available on all platforms 24/7

    Direct English Live is a fully mobile solution working on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Your Learning Journey

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