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We provide world-leading English Language Teaching

Direct English is part of The Linguaphone Group; a pioneering English Language Teaching provider that’s led the market for over 115 years. By signing up for a course at one of our international training centers, you will join the thousands of students and professionals who have learned a valuable skill with Direct English. We’ll teach you how to use English practically in everyday life, and give you the chance to earn a globally recognized Business English qualification.

We offer nine distinct course options – more than any other English Language Teaching provider–to ensure you can find the course that’s right for your needs.

Whether you’re preparing for future employment, have just started a new job, are looking for that promotion or want to bring new language skills to a pre-existing team, Direct English has an option for you.

Who’s Direct English For

We provide nine distinct course options – more than any other English Language Teaching provider –to ensure you can find the course that’s right for your needs.

  • Young Professionals
  • Advanced Learners
  • Senior Corporate Executives
  • University Students

Why choose Direct English?

  • Choose a flexible course that fits around professional and personal commitments.

  • Learn English for professional use, practical or conversational purposes.

  • Learn how to speak English with confidence.

  • Gain access to online learning resources in England.

  • Meet industry professionals and leading academics.

  • Benefit from high-quality English Language teaching.

  • Practice what you've learned with the Direct English social media programs


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    Academic and Learning Approach

    The Direct English system  reflects the very latest thinking in language learning. Some language courses claim to teach a language in very short periods of time. You can learn to say a lot in a relatively short period of time, but you can barely understand anything.

    Every student needs many hours of exposure to a new language before understanding is assured. Direct English ensures students learn to:

    • Understand real English, spoken at normal speed, right from the start
    • Speak English in well defined stages, beginning with simple transactions and continuing with full conversational competence
    • Read, Write and understand English with increasing confidence



    Placement Test

    Before registering for an English language course, it would help to have some sort of idea of the English level. Students can get a more comprehensive assessment of their English abilities in as little as 15 minutes. 

    Each new student is offered a Placement Test, together with an explanatory conversation with the Direct English center, that helps to determine the student’s language level, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference.

    The Grading of the English Levels

    What is the Council of Europe?

    The Council of Europe is an organisation of representatives of more than 40 European states. The aim of the organisation are to protect human rights, promote European Unity and deal with a variety of social and economic issues that face European states. In 1971 the Council of Europe, including Louis Alexander, The Direct English author and a member of the Council of Europe, launched its Modern Language Project in order to determine the essentials need for adequate social interaction in a foreign language.

    How do the Council of Europe levels relate to Direct English?

    Many courses in English owe a direct or indirect dept to the Council of Europe syllabuses, Waystage, Threshold, Effective Proficiency, etc. That is why Direct English takes full account of these specifications and the levels adopted in our courses can be related to the Council of Europe’s.


    How is student progress measured?

    Student progress in DE is measured via a combination of self-assessment exercises, teacher observation and combined with a more formal progress test conducted on our proprietary computerized tests. The results would be captured on our LMS and centralized Customer Tracking Software.

    Attendance is logged on the centralized Customer Tracking Software.

    Direct English does also have an international relationship with Cambridge Assessment to offer the BULATS test in our exam centers. 

    We encourage students to practice communicating in English from the earliest possible stage, and work to anticipate any questions about specific aspects of their course.

    Learning Materials

    We’ve developed an advanced selection of interactive learning materials to help you engage with your studies.

    Many of our materials are stored on our student learner portal – Direct English Online – enabling you to practice English whenever and wherever you want. 

    Study Guide:

    • Starting point
    • Enables effective translation
    • Facilitates autonomous study

    Course Book:

    • English only
    • Focus of study – one for each level
    • 9 units per level
    • Lessons divided into key parts


    • Usually bilingual
    • Commentary on the Course book lessons
    • Detailed language explanations for both language
    • Language study and Practice pages
    • Self test for each unit



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