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How Direct English works

After enrolment, students have an Orientation Session at the center. This session is important as it ensures students understand Direct English materials and how to apply the learning methodology.

During this session, the Direct English teachers will advise students on study skills and good learning habits and help to overcome any concerns or fears they may have.

There is a Progress Test at the end of each three units, for the student and teacher to get an indication of their understanding of the material so far.The tests are designed to reinforce what students have learned as well as giving an indication of their progress. After completing 27 lessons across 9 units, the students have completed one level. Throughout each level, students attend a number of additional classes to support their learning. This includes our popular conversation classes ….

Conversation Classes  – Our Direct English training centers offer conversation classes to supplement students’ language learning. The group lessons provide an interactive environment to practice English that students have learned. They are designed to encourage natural conversation, to eventually speak like a fluent English speaker! 

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Learning English with Direct English

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The Syllabus

Our syllabus has been developed by Louis Alexander to help you learn at your own pace. We focus on the key areas of learning, giving you the skills and confidence you needed to use English in everyday communications.

Our Tutorials are an opportunity to show your tutor that you understand the work you have been doing and the progress you are making. Teachers prepare some spoken activities for students to do which will involve the new language students are learning. Teachers also discuss students' progress in their own language and help with any issues.
The Direct English methodology has been researched and developed to ensure proficiency in all aspects of language learning.


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