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An English School that makes a real difference.

Blended learning combines face-to-face and online activities in a complimentary learning journey.

The learning process is simple. But, our 115 years of experience in the Language Training enabled us to develop proven teaching practices and a host of interactive learning resources to make the process more engaging and adaptable to each student’s need and time.

Course models – Duration can be flexible, this is for guidelines:

• Intensive: 15 hours over 2 weeks
• Flexible: 30 hours over 10 weeks

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    Hay 8 niveles en el curso de inglés directo, con 85 horas de aprendizaje por nivel.

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    Each level consists of 9 units and is intended to last one academic year.

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    There are 3 lessons per Unit so 27 lessons per level.

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    1 unit is formed by approx. 9 hours



Online learning - Direct English




Saudi Arabia


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