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Much more than an English School

Blended learning which makes an impact on your future opportunities. The unique Direct English learning journey offers 9 levels, from foundation through to fluency. The comprehensive nature of our courses allows for each level to consist of 85 hours of learning, and during this time, we guarantee you will notice a difference, not only in your English knowledge, but also the confidence you have in your own skills.

Each level is made up of 9 units, and as a guidance for time, those 9 units will take an academic year to study based on a once or twice a week lesson schedule.

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    There are 8 Levels in the Direct English course, with 85 learning hours per level.

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    Each level consists of 9 units and is intended to last one academic year.

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    There are 3 lessons per Unit so 27 lessons per level.

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    1 unit is formed by approx. 9 hours

Direct English Centre Thailand

Direct English Centres

Our centres come in many shapes and sizes dependent on where you are studying but they all have the same mission; to be an engaging, interactive and fun environment where students can interact with like-minded individuals and feel motivated to achieve the goals set for themselves.

More than just a classroom, our centres are pillars of excellence and success, complete with workshop areas, offices, quieter assessment rooms, general facilities and student communal areas.


Student learning resources

The learning resources Direct English provides our students is second to none. A range of interactive learning materials is integral to success in English language speaking, as developed and evidenced by our founder and renowned language training expert, Louis Alexander.

The blended Direct English learning model offers students both physical and online learning products to support their English learning journey, including:

  • Direct English Interactive – online video and two-way audio learning chapters to develop different English accent awareness and pronunciation.
  • Direct English Live – online classes, tutorials and progress tests to access anytime, anywhere
  • A physical study guide – supporting autonomous study in combination with our interactive material
  • Coursebook and Companion – the companion provides advice on how to complete the various units throughout the course and your coursebook is your central class resource.
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Online learning - Direct English

How can I learn English if there is not a centre near me?

The Direct English Live model teachers our comprehensive courses purely online to allow everyone the opportunity to study the English language, no matter where they are located. Students receive the same materials and access to the interactive library but instead of physical materials, students receive digital versions. Students will participate in the same number of teacher-led classes, which are taught by our roster of qualified, native English-speaking teachers.

Our Direct English Live courses result in the same qualifications and offer the same interactive classes with the opportunity to meet students from around the world, but students can have the flexibility to study and attend from wherever they are, at home, at work or at leisure.

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