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Direct English delivers an increasingly valuable franchise teaching business in Ireland

Linguaphone Group, one of the world’s most effective and well-known English language training providers, is expanding its franchised Direct English teaching business in Ireland.

Master Franchisee for Direct English in Ireland, Cork Business School, has now completed its In-country teaching, marketing and business training and confirmed the opening of new Direct English centres across the country from September 2016.

Cork School of Business is dedicated to helping students achieve their fullest potential. Its teachers are committed to dynamic teaching methods that distinguish their college from other institutions, which is why they chose Direct English.

The Franchise Training was delivered at Cork School of Business by a team from Linguaphone Group comprising the Learning Systems Manager, Emma Smith, and Senior Business Development Manager, Mark Simpson.

Direct English is a premium learning system taught using the global standard American English. Its nine-level English language training system delivers world-class English language training, to suit all abilities and purposes.

Direct English is published by the UK-based Linguaphone Group, one of the world’s leading providers with over 115 years of experience in the language training market in over 30 countries.

Linguaphone Group also has Direct English Master Franchisees across the Globe, including Asia, Europe and Middle East. They supply comprehensive marketing support for franchisees.

The demand for English language training remains very high. The English language learning industry is worth an estimated $50 billion annually, worldwide. Gross profits for a franchise teaching business in the education sector range from 60-90%.


For enquiries, please contact:

Direct English Ireland – Mrs. Nora Gallagher

6-8 MacCurtain Street, Cork City, Ireland

Tel: +353(0)214553864



Notes to editors

Direct English is delivered through a network of Master Franchisees in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

For more information on Direct English Master Franchise opportunities worldwide, please visit or email

3 Essential steps to growing your English Certified training business

Finding the most effective English Certified training course is invaluable for any international company. With so many options to choose from the risks are high, but so are the opportunities for investing in a successful English training franchise. Choosing the right English course provider, or franchise to own, can be daunting.

The unregulated nature of the teaching industry in most countries leads to a worrying variation in the quality of training, which in turn leads to an uncertain return on investment for most companies.

The quality of education and value of your trainer provider comes down to two factors: the teachers and the courses. Although the quality of service from a language trainer provider also plays a part, in terms of return on investment it is the quality of teachers and courses that make the difference.

1. Finding the right teachers

Many companies put blind faith in their training provider, hoping they will provide the right person for the job. Too often, this causes disappointment when the dazzling teacher promised in the sales pitch turns out to be rather dull. Teacher CVs are sometimes the only thing you can rely on but, with 115 years of training expertise, Direct English provides essential guidance to partners about choosing the right teachers for their business.

Moreover, Direct English offers a Teacher’s Manual for all practitioners to make sure all Direct English centres provide a consistently high standard of teaching in terms of organization, method, and engagement.

2. Choosing the right courses

The English your sales team needs is distinct from the type of language required by management, or customer services. So start by deciding what aspects of English your staff need to focus on. Do they email regularly? Meet customers? Give presentations? Write reports or proposals? Mainly use the telephone? It is important to find out whether your English certified training provider will use modern business technology to teach modern business techniques, how they plan to motivate your staff, and how interactive their course will be.

3. Ensuring bespoke, flexible English training

Your training provider also needs to show how they will assess your staff. For example, will they organize your trainees into groups? Avoid providers who propose to mix trainee abilities in large classes. This can seriously compromise quality by failing to provide adequately for individual learning objectives.

Training is more effective if your classes are small, and trainees are divided based on their level of English and specific job responsibilities. That is why Direct English offers a flexible programme and a placement test that enables each student to find their ability level so they can plan their bespoke course accordingly fitting in with their available time.

Finally, make sure you clearly define your objectives, and choose the provider who shows you specifically how they are going to meet your objectives through enjoyable, professional, communicative English certified training delivered by friendly, qualified, and dedicated teachers.

About Direct English

Direct English is the highly successful English training franchise, available worldwide from Linguaphone. The courses are flexible and organized across eight stages, with additional foundation and business English stages. It comes with a Business English program that adds to the powerhouse of the overall Direct English learning system. Provided by the Linguaphone Group, its unique methodology has already helped thousands of people learn the vital international language of business and communication worldwide through a network of Master Franchise partners.

Direct English delivers world class English language training for all abilities and all purposes: from university students to young professionals and corporate executives.

To own a franchise in Mexico, Brazil, Latin America or to see other available countries please click here.

For all enquires, please contact:

Debora Mondella, Head of Marketing (Brand and Digital), Linguaphone Group

8 Questions to Jordan Andonov: Master License for Direct English Bulgaria

Direct English Bulgaria signed their agreement in late 2015 and opened their first successful education franchise and dedicated training center in Sofia last January.

Let’s discover the exciting experiences and challenges they faced in starting a new education franchise after signing a franchising agreement:.

1. Tell us more about the history of Alexander Training Center?

Alexander Training Center already has more than fifteen years’ experience in the Bulgarian market, delivering language training to adults across the whole of Bulgaria. It was established to provide language and other educational services to children, pupils, students and adults. Beside English language tuition, other languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French as well as IT tuitions (digital competence, computer literacy) are also taught according to demand.

2. How did you find the process and advantages of becoming a Direct English Center?

We signed the contract in September 2015. I could compare the signing of a franchise agreement to getting married. Both sides not only like each other and wish to look together into the future but there are considerable responsibilities for both franchisor and franchisee. It’s a process in which the franchisee’s enthusiasm and desire to work is combined with the many years proven experience of the franchisor and their know-how. It is due to the franchisor’s professional virtue that the franchisee can overcome a number of difficulties during the process of developing the business and strengthening its position. Therefore each independent entrepreneur may enter into franchise relationships with little previous experience and even without any such experience. Thus they will save a lot of time, effort and money while guessing the right way. In other words, one does not need to reinvent the wheel.

3. What level of competition have you experienced? Does the franchise offer real competitive advantages? What are they?

In the conditions of growing competition we enjoy the privilege of using a product like Direct English which by its uniqueness would distinguish and set us apart in the language learning market. So in the ‘battle’ with our competitors we have 2 main and overwhelming weapons: firstly – our development through franchising and secondly the Direct English system which has no analogue and is easy to be used by a wide range of users.

4. How do you think the education sector has changed during the last 2 years?

During the last few years there has been a desire from customers to take advantage of tuition sponsored by the European Union, for example the Operational programmes Administrative Capacity and Human Resources. Of course both individual and corporate clients could be supported by that European solidarity but to a certain extent these funds compromise the principles of the market economy because on one hand direct sales in the market are reduced and on the other hand the managers of big projects as well as the corporate clients tend to use only a limited number of companies which provide language tuition.

5. What is the key lesson you’ve learnt during your experience with students and companies?

Clients need our attention, proper attitude, our interest in their progress – all these are steps that cannot be reversed when it comes to sales in the sphere of services as is the case with education. Regarding the companies we are in partnerships with or the staff of other companies whom we provide tuition to, our creed is always found in the clearly expressed principles of partnership, mutual understanding and reasonable compromise.

6. How did you find Direct English World?

I find it great. The students are very glad to use the whole package of materials and the teachers are enthusiastic to meet the challenge of this really unique system.

7. What is the #1 piece of advice you would give a first-time franchisee in the education sector? Does the franchise offer real competitive advantages? What are they?

Of course the franchise gives great advantages: the biggest one is the experience of the Franchisor. When someone buys a franchise, he purchases the years of experience and the proven methods of the franchisor. Another advantage is the Training – the training provided by the good franchisor should prepare the new owner in various aspects of the business. Other advantages may also be pointed out like advertising, ongoing advice, research and development. For example, the individual entrepreneurs cannot do extensive advertising. By becoming a franchisee the small-business person can afford this extensive advertising and will have access to products ready made by the franchisor.

8. What’s next for Direct English Bulgaria in terms of future growth?

Once we see the pilot school (Center) settled down and in operation with good capacity we are going to the next step to recruit unit franchisees and/or establish new company owned Direct English Centers around the major cities of the country.
We at Direct English wish Jordan Andonov and his Team all the best with their future endeavors.

For all franchising enquiries, please contact:

Debora Mondella, International Brand Manager, Linguaphone Group

Notes to editors

1. The Linguaphone Group is a world-leading language training provider, operating under the internationally recognised Linguaphone, Direct English and Pingu’s English brand names. With over 110 years of experience in the language training market, the Group has an extensive network of licensed partners across Asia, Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. The Group has also helped millions of people learn a new language through their wide-ranging portfolio of self-study products sold in over 60 countries. Master Franchising opportunities are available for our English language training programs worldwide. For more information please visit

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English Training: 9 Franchise Benefits that will lead your Business Nationwide


Discover the unique Franchise Benefits in the Education Business

by Debora Mondella, Head of Marketing (Brand and Digital), Linguaphone Group Ltd

If you are already in the franchise business or are exploring new business ideas, you will find it useful to analyze the franchise benefits you will receive in terms of financial, marketing and sales support with Direct English.

If you start with an independent business you are in uncharted territory, and if you make too many wrong decisions it could end up being much more costly than if you had chosen a business with a franchise solution. It may also take longer to figure out the right formula for making profits. You’ll also have to create all the processes, develop your own training and most of all, you will have to develop your business with a completely unknown brand.
become a franchise

So let’s go though the 9 points you should consider when you choose a Fast Growing Educational training franchise like Direct English::

Established brand: As our franchisee, you have the right to use an established trade name, marks, logo and style which follows a proven, successful formula which you develop across your territory. Our well known international brand will give you more chance to win against the unknown brand of your competitor. This helps you to establish a more profitable business.

Easier access to funds: Funding institutions and banks are often more willing to give support to franchises because of their higher success rate and lower risk.

Hassle free start: You don’t have to make the first 3000 decisions needed to just open a business. Direct English provides ‘peace of mind’, particularly in relation to compliance with licenses.

Ownership: You will have the local ownership with our extensive experience with many partners all over the world. It’s a win-win situation for you and for your customers.

Training: Proper Start Up Support. The comprehensive training you’ll receive from Direct English will enable your staff to confidently deliver the program to your territory. You’ll also be trained in all areas of marketing, operations and staff management to give you full confidence to operate the business successfully.

Proven business: Direct English is already delivered to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide , and can provide examples and ideas that have been already successfully implemented.

Web Leads and Internet Marketing Support: As part of the comprehensive marketing support for the franchisee, Direct English provides ongoing assistance with digital marketing and lead conversion optimization strategies.

Advertising: Direct English already promotes its brand internationally and it will offer you guidance when you want to advertise in your country and even provide advertising materials through Partner-only Extranet.

On-going support: Direct English has an extensive history in the English language training/franchise business and can provide expert assistance on all issues you might face. Many Direct English professionals at their HQ are on hand, and you’ll also receive a suite of Management Manuals to support you.

For more information about franchise benefits, please email:

Direct English Confirms Further Expansion of Franchise Across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Direct English Confirms Further Expansion Of Franchise Across Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

The Master Franchisee for Direct English in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has today confirmed recent new openings of centers across the Kingdom, with further plans to open more during 2016.

Direct English is nine-level English language training system, which delivers world-class English language training for all abilities and all purposes. Direct English is published by the Linguaphone Group, a global UK training provider with over 109 years of experience in the language training market.

Al-Khaleej Training & Education Company has successfully been delivering Direct English to over 40,000 students a year across the Kingdom since 1999, when they were appointed the Master Franchisee for Direct English across Saudi Arabia. They now have 39 Direct English language training centers across territory, which are a mixture of corporately owned and sub-franchised.

Recent developments from Direct English KSA include:-

  • The opening of a Direct English Damman English language training center for men in a brand new facility, within the fast-developing Al-Shatieh neighbourhood of the Kingdom
  • Direct English in Riyadh opening a new branch in the Ghadeer area of the city. As with all of their centers, all of the classrooms and computer labs are equipped with the latest and most advanced technology, all of which meet international standards
  • The Rawdah ladies branch of Direct English moved to a new building in Mugarazzat Avenue
  • Direct English Esha Men moved to a new training center in the city of Al-Ahsa Dhahran Street next to the Saudi Investment Bank

The Master Franchisee of Direct English KSA also plans to open three new English language training centers in Riyadh and Hail during 2016 to cope with the growing demand for the program there. More information on the development of Direct English across the Kingdom can be found here.

Linguaphone Group also has Direct English Master Franchisees across the Middle East in territories including Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Kuwait and Lebanon. It has also appointed a number of Master Franchisees across the region for their pre-school English language program, Pingu’s English.

For more information visit or


For all media enquiries, please contact

Sarah McAllister, Head of Marketing (New Business), Linguaphone Group


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