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Demand for learning English across Jordan reaches record levels


Jordan is a small Middle Eastern population that borders the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq.  With a population of 6.5 million, its capital Amman has a population of around one million.

Although a small economy, Jordan has a unique position in the Middle East as a transport hub. This coupled with a general perception of stability and openness, means that Jordan is increasingly being seen as an attractive market for entrepreneurs.

Within Jordan, there has also been a tradition of signing Free Trade Agreements with other countries, making it much easier to facilitate trade and investment here.

And in education, Jordan has earned a reputation for having one of the premier public educations systems in the region. Jordan is often perceived as being number one for education across the Middle East. Its first-class education system attracts students from the Gulf, Asia and the US – often making it a regional hub in the region.

And as well as the education system being considered first class, the demand for high-quality English language training across Jordan has never been higher.

Jordan has a young and growing population with more than 70% under the age of 30. With a growth rate of 2.2%, this is bringing around 130,000 new students into the education system each year, and 70,000 new entrants into the labour market.

With this growing youth population, brings with it new challenges for the Jordanian market. There is a feeling that skills training in Jordan needs to be improved to enable young people here to compete nationally and internationally.

Many believe there is a definite gap between the skills required by employers, and the current skills-set of many young people in Jordan. More and more international organisations are entering Jordan. The need for candidates to have a good demand in the English language is one of the most important factors in securing a job in Jordan. A significant increase in the services sector in Jordan, particularly through tourism, has further increased the need for employees to speak English here.

English language provision in the public sector has not met the demand of the increasing numbers of Jordanian students of all ages. In one study, 22% of first, second and third grade students here could not read either English or Arabic.


The English language is often seen as the corporate language of business in Jordan. The Middle East has always seen English language proficiency as important, and considered it a top priority after Arabic.

However, Jordan scores lower than the global average in English proficiency with an average of 47% compared to the 53% global average. Gaps in teacher training, and failure to embrace new technology are often considered additional reasons for this.

In September 2016, the implementation of a new national human resources strategy for 2016-2025 was discussed. Both his Majesty King Abdullah and her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah emphasised the importance of infusing modern technology into the educational system as a tool to both enhance innovation, and ultimately have a positive result on the quality of the education of Jordanian students. The Jordan Education Initiative is one such development that promotes the use of modern technology in every day school life

The demand for quality English programs for children and adults alike has never been higher. This has led to more and more investors considering strong blended ELT programs like Direct English and Pingu’s English to plug the gap. Both these programs offer a strong and effective academic learning system, focusing on developing learner confidence. In-country teacher training in both systems is provided to all new Master Franchisees, and our online resources are first class. For more information visit and


The growing demand for English Language Training in Mexico

The Mexican Economy and English Language Training market (ELT).
In the last decade, Mexico has made great progress in terms of economic growth and tackling unemployment. The country is now on course to be the best economic performer in Latin America and it is forecasted that the economy will grow by a further 2.5% during 2017. Strong private sector job growth is further helping continued economic expansion and Mexico’s Free Trade Agreements have pushed the country to become the 10th largest export economy in the world with an estimated USD$391 billion in exports in total. Mexico also has one of the highest free trade agreements across the globe, making the country a potentially strategic location for foreign investment.

But there are challenges. Mexico has relatively low English proficiency levels and despite sharing a border with the United States of America, ranks below several other Latin American nations for English proficiency. The IMCO (The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness) also found that although English is the international language of business in Mexico, only 5% of the population speaks or understands it. There are also many disparities of wealth between rural and urban populations, as well as between northern regions and the rest of the country.

That said, English is considered the international language of business in Mexico, and there is believed to be an increasing shift in multi-national companies across Mexico authorising English as the common corporate language.

The need to speak English
Currently over 24 million students are learning English across Mexico, making it one of the largest ELT markets worldwide. In 2009 the Secretariat of Public Education launched PNIEB, a national English programme in basic education. The goal was to begin teaching English from preschool school until the end of secondary school education (from the ages of 5 to 15). English is currently a compulsory subject in all Mexican schools from seventh through ninth grade, although many private schools start English language training as early as pre-school.
Studies have found that students across Mexico view English Language Training as a key skill to improve their quality of life in terms of their employment and traveling prospects. English is also often required for many university entrance exams.

“Many Mexican businesses use English as the main language of business communication and many employers here view English as an essential skill when hiring new staff.
On a more macro-economic level, development in English Language Training also enables Mexico to engage with the wider international community and as a result, communication barriers are broken allowing the international community to invest directly in the Mexican economy.

It is widely viewed that English will continue to significantly contribute to both personal and economic growth across Mexico, and play a pivotal role in Mexico’s economic future”.
Fernando Gonzalez, federal official in charge of public education in Mexico.

English may have traditionally been seen as a way in which to seek better opportunities outside the country’s borders. However, many believe that these perceptions have changed and English is now a highly valued skill for future employment domestically across Mexico, as well as internationally.
Franchise opportunity
The Mexican franchise market represents the fifth largest franchise market in the world. Mexico is a wildly diverse market where price-sensitivity and a tiered approach to the implementation of a franchise may be required. Clear though is that as the middle-class population grows, service and training franchises such as Direct English offer huge potential business opportunities for the right entrepreneur.
The demand among Mexicans for quality, globally recognized English Language Training is growing. Ultimately, Mexican corporations, the government and students together are driving the demand, with a strong recognition that English language training is key for both domestic and global growth.


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Direct English Palestine signs the agreement with the prestigious An-Najah National University.

The well-reputed institution in the Middle East, An-Najah National University, has chosen Direct English Palestine as their partner to teach students the English language to the highest standards.

The leading international training school brand Direct English in Palestine and An-Najah National University just signed an agreement with the objective to create future leaders and professionals who will master the English language and compete on local, Arab, and international markets.

The agreement was signed in the presence of of Dr. Maher Al Natshi, President of the University, and Wisam Salhi, Master Licensee in Palestine for Direct English.

The university currently offers education to 20,000 students in four campuses, offering 87 bachelor degree programmes, 23 intermediate and 52 graduate programmes, providing a vibrant hub for students who can now also excel in the English language through a global brand that has 117 years of international training heritage.

An-Najah National University commented: “We are glad of opening our doors for such cooperation to a trusted leading-industry English school. Direct English is a global program that specializes in teaching and establishing English language skills at the highest levels for all purposes. It is perfectly aligned with international standards in English language levels and is based on proven methods in teaching English.”

“I am very pleased to sign this agreement with An-Najah National University. It comes in the context of introducing a qualitative leap as an innovative and modern way of teaching English. We commit to providing all our expertise and extensive study contents for the success of this exciting project.” Wisam Salhi, Master Licensee Direct English Palestine added.


Direct English and An-Najah University both share the same vision to promote cultural understanding, provide highest quality education, and encourage students to assume leadership roles to best serve society.

We at Direct English Global wish both the greatest endeavours and success for this cooperation.

To join our success in other markets, please contact us today at

Direct English Live! Learning Platform launched at Global Partners Conference in Dubai this month.

Direct English Master Licensees from around the world were introduced to the future of English Language online learning platform at their 2017 Global Partners Conference in Dubai.

Powered by Learning Cloud, and supported by Netex Learning, a global leader in Online Learning Platforms, Direct English Live! was developed over two years and provides our learners and course administrators with a powerful and dynamic online learning system that combines a fully functioning Learning Management System with Centre Administration and Teaching Support.

The online and interactive learning platform includes a global online social community, mobile learning capability, data analytics and content management tools.

Cross platform and globally hosted in the cloud, Direct English Live! provides access to Direct English online courses and assessments, including the all-new 6 level Direct English Online (DEO) course. This video rich English Language course features both English only versions and others that offer bilingual support for beginners and incorporates the acclaimed Louis Alexander Direct English curriculum on which the original in-centre, taught course is built on.


Also available is the powerful practice tool, Direct English Interactive, where learners can role play and then record and playback their activities, providing them with a confidence building safe, practice zone in which they can develop intonation and pronunciation skills.

learning platform

Accessed through browser or via the app for smartphones and tablets, Direct English Live! is user focused with built in messaging features for communication with tutors and access to both course and global learner communities where peers around the world swap learning experiences, life goals and the odd recipe or two!

Geared for the future, Direct English Live! benefits from the ongoing innovation from Netex, Direct English publicly listed educational technology partner, that focuses on ensuring that Direct English learners are benefiting from features and applications that are ahead of the curve. Scheduled for deployment in 2018 will be a powerful Virtual Classroom that will provide learners with both live and recorded tutorials, as well as give teachers the ability to assess learners and adapt teaching to individual needs and much, much more.

“Analysts think that over the next 3 years, Digital Learning globally is going to grow to a $200 billion dollar plus industry! If we break that down into the constituent parts of the solution within Direct English portfolio – it’s worth about $50 billion!  added Mike Byrne, UK Country Director, Netex Learning (Dubai, December 2017)

learning platform


Available only to learners that enrol at Direct English centres around the world, Direct English Live! will provide a new business channel that Direct English Master Licensees are keen to develop in their exclusive markets, with interest already expressed by corporate customers and public-sector bodies. Infinitely scalable, Direct English Live! is as much a business resource as it is a learning resource.



Source: Selfstartr


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School of English: The Global Conference 2017 that showed how English Learning Platforms will move towards a new future

Over 60 Master Franchisors and Operations Managers from 20 countries attended this year’s Direct English Master Franchisees Conference held in Dubai, UAE to assist the launch on Direct English Live! product, the cutting-edge English learning solution created by Direct English, in cooperation with Netex Learning, leader in learning cloud technologies.

The two-day event took place on the 8th and 9th November 2017 in the highest hotel in the World, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, in the Business Bay area. The venue was the perfect location to launch a revolutionary platform that will be a cutting-edge solution for all  language schools worldwide.

The conference opened by presenting two case studies to the rest of global partners, to show different business models and opportunities in the English schools for adults and inspire partners with different ways to boost their business.

Manal Al Jurdi, Master Licensee for Direct English Kuwait, presented her success story in 14 years of operations with increasing numbers of trainees exceeding 3000 a month, achieved also with successful marketing campaigns provided by Direct English Global through billboards, radio, tv, emails and word-of-mouth.

Chika Okuyama, Area Manager for Direct English Japan, introduced her case study to the high investors audience with the 8th Direct English Center to open this month. Part of their key strategy is the location as they tend to focus on areas within 5 mins of trains stations. Despite a competitor presence of 10,000 language schools in Japan, Direct English Japan masters the English tuition market with over 3000 students, thanks also to the flexible scheduling of lessons, monthly tuition and events and internet-centred marketing, with a major focus on female audience.

After sharing the background on the latest trends in English Online Learning, Direct English presented their latest Direct English Live! Platform

Derek Price, CEO at Linguaphone Group, parent company of Direct English added: “This represents the biggest Direct English development ever with the new Direct English Live! suite of online solutions. We are leading the market with a solid and proven method from Louis Alexander and a learner-centric user experience for students, through our unique Learning Cloud  learning platform”.


school of english conference

The two days of sessions ended with a fantastic Gala dinner for both Pingu’s English and Direct English partners, both brands under the Linguaphone Group umbrella, where three awards were given to the Best Branded School (Direct English Indonesia), Top Network Growth (Direct English Japan) and No.1 Global sales (Direct English Saudi Arabia).


school of english awards

Best Branded School 2017: Direct English Indonesia




Top Network Growth 2017: Direct English Japan



No.1 Global Sales 2017: Direct English Saudi Arabia


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Ambassador of the British Embassy in Bulgaria attends Direct English official Launch in Sofia

One of the world’s most successful English School franchises, Direct English, opened officially in Bulgaria this month bringing its highly effective teaching methods to adults wanting to learn English. It also brings exciting business opportunities to other schools wishing to expand the successful franchise across the country.

Direct English Master Licensee, Jordan Andonov, hosted a grand event attended by the Ambassador of the British Embassy in Bulgaria, her Excellency Emma Hopkins, Ministries of Parliament, and senior executives from schools and the private sector.

Direct English is a world-leading training system from UK-based Linguaphone Group. It is designed around the student, moving at their own pace and fitting around their work and lifestyle to make it easier for them to learn English.

Business Development at the Linguaphone Group, Ms. Lucy Mills, went on to say that Direct English has a vital role to play in introducing adults of all ages to an essential life skill in a proven and accessible way.

The UK Ambassador of the British Embassy added ”I am thrilled that the 115 years of English language training experience that is distilled into Direct English is now available to this country. I think all students attending this unique school will emerge as high quality students of spoken English and I wish Direct English Bulgaria and their students every success.”


english school

Emma Hopkins, Ambassador of British Embassy during her speech at Direct English Launch in Bulgaria

Direct English school Bulgaria has been integrated within the Alexander Training Center, which already has more than fifteen years’ experience in the Bulgarian market, delivering language training to adults across the country. It was established to provide language training and other educational services to children, students, and adults.

In addition to English language tuition, it also teaches other languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and French.

Summarising Direct English’s winning points of difference, Jordan Andonov said that “it offers a training which is different from the traditional idea of the language course. The ability to select where, when and how fast and quickly you would like to be trained is an approach that has proven successful for busy people. We know that each person is unique and has its own way of studying, which is why we are delighted to teach courses adapted to individual needs.

British Embassy bulgaria

Also the British Embassy in Sofia tweeted the event:


For all enquiries, please contact:

Direct English Bulgaria

27 Tvardishki prohod Street 1404 Sofia Bulgaria

Tel: +359 (0)88 71 444 71 Tel/Fax: + 359 (0)2 963 55 33



For Franchising Enquiries Worldwide, please contact

  • Developed in 1997 by the internationally renowned education authority Louis Alexander, Direct English is a premium learning system taught using the global standard American English. With the heritage of the UK-based Linguaphone Group, a world-leading language training provider with over 115 years experience in over 30 countries, Direct English has  a global agreement with Cambridge English Language  Assessment which allows its Master Licensees to apply to be authorised Cambridge English Language Assessment partners and offer learners a Cambridge qualification and certification.
  • Across the globe the Group already have a strong franchise network successfully delivering the English training program. With over 2 billion people currently learning English to become part of the global conversation, English language education is  a fast growing industry, with a global estimated revenue of over $50 billion.
  • Students at all Direct English training centers will be able to get a formal and independent assessment of how their English language learning has progressed, thanks to a global agreement between the Linguaphone Group and Cambridge English Language Assessment. Under these arrangements, Direct English students can take the renowned BULATS test from Cambridge English Language Assessment, one of the largest testing organisations in the world. All students  completing this test will receive a certificate from Cambridge English Language Assessment.
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